Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confessions of a first grade mom

So can I tell you that I cannot figure out my first grader. He is darling and I adore him, however getting him to read his 20 minutes a night is like trying to bath a cat. We go to parent teacher confrence and she tell us what a great student he is, which is true, how his test scores are great and he is such a good boy. We know he can read, and does it rather well. But at home getting him to even find a book is a take down drag out fight. We have tried the magic treehouse series.. hates them. We have tried Junie B. Jones hates them too. We have not signed his planner and even took things away, yet nothings seems to get to him. To be honest it is exhausting. What do you do with a kid that dreads reading??


  1. Maybe non-fiction is more his thing. Have you taken him to the big library and shown him around? Instead of making him feel as though reading is school work he needs to find something he likes to read for fun. Even comic books can be a great spring board. I'll think on it we'll figure something out. :)

  2. I don't like to give advice because, "like I know", but I would say if he's doing good in school, don't push it. Of course you want to promote it, but pushing it will just make him hate it. This is something funny, but I've noticed Gabe likes to read cereal boxes in the morning. Try that. Good luck! Jack's Awesome!!

  3. I suggest that YOU just keep reading to HIM. Read The Friend or something. I like to have my early readers make my grocery list for me, and help cross things off a list if they go shopping with me. Just let him pick the book, and you read it. Good luck!