Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cheap Food Thursday

So with the amazing help of my sister.. (thanks Steph) I braved Albertsons this morning to cash in on some deals. Here's how it went. 6 packs chips ahoys cookies, 2 6packs of hershey candy bars (great for s'mores) 2 bags mallows, 2 boxes honey maid grahams, 6 tubs of skippy peanut butter, 1 box poptarts, 7 boxes of kellogs cereal, 10 fresh packs of starkist tuna fish, 3 packs of oreos, and 6 boxes of Capri sun. for a total of 46 items. Combine the sales with coupons my bill was a whopping $35.55. That's about 77 cents per item.


  1. You ROCK!!! And you are so lucky to find all of those in stock at one store!!! Yay for cheap/free food!!!

  2. I'm coming to your house if we need food storage! You have all the good food! (I can share my can of wheat with you... that's right, I only have one can!)